Stuff White People Like


Here’s a blog for you. One that tells us everything we like. In fact, it was recently brought up to me that most of the stuff on this blog is stuff white people, do in fact, really really like. Think I’m kidding? Check this out. The list includes Sara Silverman, microbreweries, Obama, and expensive sandwiches.


2 Responses to “Stuff White People Like”

  1. Loved the post on “Indie Music” and its too fitting that he featured a picture of Spaceland, no?

  2. typewritermender Says:

    Shiv you’re not white. Also do I feel honored that well-educated liberal artsy indie kids are the apparent model for all white people, or disturbed at my swift and total deindividualization upon reading this article? As a quick point of contention: I hate oscar parties and have never felt strongly one way or the other about Mos Def. Also, “Be Kind, Rewind,” which features both Mos Def AND Michel Gondry (numbers 68 & 69) was entirely mediocre…maybe it was TOO white for me? Who knows. I’ll have to wait for another blog to tell me.

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