Criss Cross!

Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy as Farley Granger and Robert Walker in Strangers in a Train,1951

I came across this at work today in the latest Vanity Fair. Here are a few of our favorite Hollywood celebrities (and that new French actress that won the Oscar for Best Actress) posing as Jimmy, Tippy, Grace and the whole Lifeboat crew. I don’t care for most of the celebrities but Naomi makes one uncanny Marnie face and really…when it comes to movies, it’s Hitchcock or bust. Click here to see the original of the picture above.


One Response to “Criss Cross!”

  1. Great post. Seth Rogan as Carey Grant? Give me a break, no one could outrun that cropduster with a flat tire like that. And Javier’s a total babe (when he’s confined to a wheelchair and not carrying a tank of CO2)

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