Harking back to the time when we were all falling in love with the forlorn echoes of Ian Curtis and the ensuing post-punk genre, here’s a relatively unnoticed band who call themselves “The Wake.”

Yesterday’s overcast weather and the attached emotions led me to their resonant melancholy.

Also, rumor is there’s a little Striped and/or Solid party this weekend. I think it would be only appropriate to have a legit DJ to keep the night more interesting. Thus I’m nominating either Shiv or John if they’re interested in the prospect.


3 Responses to “Harmony”

  1. That’d be fun, if John’ll do it with me. If only the party was two weeks from now I’d have brought my mixer down from home.

  2. typewritermender Says:

    Yeah, we’re probably just going the way of the playlist. Sorry bros.

  3. for more rotten-weather tunes see, “Atlas Sound”

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