The Moon Versus Us Sleeping Together Ever Again

I saw an Anselm Kiefer exhibit about a year ago. Everything was threatening and gorgeous and many stretched entire walls, but “Sternenfall” was the piece that (quite literally, for about an hour) stopped me. I cried very quietly to myself, and this tiny elderly Japanese woman came and stood next to me, patting my arm on occasion, and we watched as if we were waiting for it to move or the man in the painting to cry out to us.
kiefer.jpgI half believed he would.
I don’t know that your computer screen will do this the justice; I can only hope.
The artist said once: “But I believe above all that I wanted to build the palace of my memory, because my memory is my only homeland. ”
I’m going to miss you guys.


5 Responses to “The Moon Versus Us Sleeping Together Ever Again”

  1. jesus, that’s fantastic. the exibit of his at the SF MOMA just ended jan 31. damn.

  2. kathleenmarisol Says:

    I think that was last January.

  3. you’re right. it is 2008.

  4. I imagine his dreams..Anselm’s dreams..I think of his link to the he seems to know..

  5. saramurray Says:

    Kathleen, I just put this together. I wasn’t familiar with Anselm Kiefer when you posted this so long ago, but since then I’ve had his name written on the back of my hand. An enormous, oceanic, apocalyptic, shrapnel and paint covered canvas of his at the NGA held me rapt for a long lonesome time. Too bad I didn’t take you. We could have held hands and entered.

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