Obama for Obama


“For someone of my generation,” Mr. Inoue said, “America is John F. Kennedy and Rocky, you know, Sylvester Stallone, and now there’s Obama. He’s for change. I think that’s great. In Japan, and here in Obama, change is so slow. But over there a new wind is blowing.”

JFK, Stallone, Obama. Logical progression.


4 Responses to “Obama for Obama”

  1. please look at my blog

  2. after I saw this article, two people told me about it and now the post. with castro out, musharraf tinkering down, and obama for obama, the 19th is a day to remember.

  3. jr wilding Says:

    It amazes me in this year of political policy wonks and media personalities that think they know everything, like Beck, O’Rielly, Limbaugh and others, that we would be happy with any of the choices for President. Michelle Obama hasnt’ been proud of the U.S. to this date in time, wow? Ok, so you will say, you are taking her words out of context, ok, so the Obama campaign and Obama himself doesn’t do that, they did it Bill Clinton and his comments on Obama’s record and Fairytale discussion? They are all sound bites and no substance. I am beginning to think there is nothing political to be proud of. American had better wake up or China will financially own us, and the rest of the world will continue to hate us. We are screwed if you ask me and any politican that is running for president at this point time is an egocentric and just in it for them. We have a old White man, a half white man and a white women who wants to be a white man. So where is the real choice?

  4. i need a cigarette and a nap.

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