Two tickets

When you start working in an office environment, you soon realize that all those terrible stereotypes about conniving co-workers and neurotic supervisors are actually….. true. This morning, I assume because of Super Tuesday jitters, our Region Accountant sent our office a forwarded email. It was entitled, “Find your Candidate”. The link sent me to an on-line quiz database which prompted me to respond to fifteen questions as they best reflected my personal politics. Everything from gun control, to immigration, to Stem Cell Research and the Line-Item veto, summed up in four or five options. As it turns out, I’m a democrat.

 I raised my head above the computer screen and asked “Well, who are you voting for?” To which she said, “You first”. I replied, “Well, Obama according to this website.” She smiled “I’m voting for the girl”.

But really, I think Fabby might be on to something here. With all the problems we’ve had in the past with absentee ballots and hanging chads, why don’t they just print two tickets, one that reads “Democrats” and another that says “Republicans”. Under the first ticket, you can circle one of two options, “White Girl” or “Black Dude”. On the other, we can have “Mormon White Guy” and “White Baptist I” “White Baptist II” and “White Baptist III” Maybe this will solve all the confusion

One Response to “Two tickets”

  1. I think that Office Humor is a major asset of any good blog. Great tag. Great post. <3z.

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