Two Men with Great Faces

I haven’t been on the internet much lately, but when I have been, it’s been looking at Ron Silliman’s blog. He’s a contemporary poet who I’ll be writing about this semester and created a blog in 2002 which is now the most widely read “Poetry” blog online–I believe he just hit 1,000,000 hits. Put it Up will be there soon enough though. The blog has reviews, links, editorialesque posts, etc. It’s good fun. I’ll add the link to our blogroll. Oh, and his poetry isn’t too shabby either.

Also, we were talking about Phillip Glass the other night and I stumbled upon Solo Piano and Glassworks for those of you that are interested.


One Response to “Two Men with Great Faces”

  1. damn it shiv, those are the two exact albums i have already. everyone else can enjoy them at least

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