Put it Up then Turn it Up

Here’s what’s been on repeat for me lately. Hercules and Love Affair, the new DFA release. Other blogs like GvB, one of my favorites, have been spreading the hype lately. It’s disco-y, brassy, and dark. And Antony Hegarty makes a few guest appearances, of which appreciation, I understand, is debatable. His voice is totally surreal and works well with Herc’s beats, I think. Here’s the video for Blind, feat. Antony, releasing March 3rd. Album and tracklist after the jump!

Here’s the album
and here’s the tracklisting:

True False, Fake Real
Raise Me Up
This is My Love
Hercules’ Theme
Time Will
You Belong


4 Responses to “Put it Up then Turn it Up”

  1. so good and so swith

  2. Yes, in reference to our prior conversation – I’m familiar with Antony Hegarty. He and Bjork sang together on her last album. I like the song. (the red suits in the video have a Dead Ringers feel.)

  3. Great video. It’s refreshing to see a music video that actually tries to maintain some very professional aesthetic to it (as well as experiment with gorgeous imagery) rather than the ever-ubiquitous skate video or treadmill hopscotch. That girl is really engaging and the background action was very reminiscent of Julie Taymor’s “Titus.”

    Also, it goes without saying that the song is also great. Only that Antony can make you feel so sad but still enjoy it to the beat of a nice rhythm.

  4. mate you got some good taste in music…. thanks for sharing it

    peace from Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

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