So after sara decided she’d give me my christmas present (a white board) we decided to go and buy a dart to replace that mysteriously missing third dart in the garage. The white board is going to be the scoreboard you see. Anyway, after one stop at the target near food for less we were having no luck. All of them had been sold on clearance. CVS apparently doesn’t carry darts. We went to the other target. Darts are, get this, seasonal. You’d think an indoor bar game could be played in any weather but thats just apparently not the case. At least according to target. Anyone know where big 5 is? You can expect similarly exciting posts from me in the future. Oh, and when we find this dart more darts should be played in this house.


2 Responses to “Darts”

  1. this isn’t unusual. sophomore year i tried buying marbles from target for my video project and was told the same thing.

  2. down tustin, across from the old mall where panera bread and trader joe’s are – I think there’s a big 5.

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