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waffle crisp.

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Recently, my mind was blown. I have found a lost love. Although I must now deal with the thought that the most exciting moment of my week was rekindling my desire for a cereal, I can take comfort in the fact that it is the best cereal ever created. I’m referring to Waffle Crisp©, of course.

waffle crisp

If you have never tried this food of the Gods, I first ask, why? This genius concoction of maple syrup-flavored corn cereal bits, shaped like tiny waffles, has been around since 1996. That’s 12 years of life, you have not lived to the fullest.

Secondly, I implore you, please run to your nearest market and purchase a healthy supply of this divine cuisine. The Sun will shine brighter, birds will sing louder, your senses will come alive, plus its part of this complete breakfast.


Stuff White People Like

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Here’s a blog for you. One that tells us everything we like. In fact, it was recently brought up to me that most of the stuff on this blog is stuff white people, do in fact, really really like. Think I’m kidding? Check this out. The list includes Sara Silverman, microbreweries, Obama, and expensive sandwiches.

No More Geological Photo Art

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Say Goodbye to polaroids. Yep, they announced this week that they are going to stop the manufacturing of our favorite hip and instant photos. We’ve had some good times with them…spent too much money on them…and now we must sell all our cameras on craigs-list PDQ (pretty damn quick). It’s a shame. And Geoff Dyer recognizes that…so, to celebrate he has put up an online gallery of polaroids that have been found in trash cans, gutters, and other ugly places. Here’s the link.

Well I’m never eating again

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Prepare to have nightmares for weeks. But seriously guys, safety first, okay? Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Criss Cross!

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Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy as Farley Granger and Robert Walker in Strangers in a Train,1951

I came across this at work today in the latest Vanity Fair. Here are a few of our favorite Hollywood celebrities (and that new French actress that won the Oscar for Best Actress) posing as Jimmy, Tippy, Grace and the whole Lifeboat crew. I don’t care for most of the celebrities but Naomi makes one uncanny Marnie face and really…when it comes to movies, it’s Hitchcock or bust. Click here to see the original of the picture above.

This is Incredible!

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and when you thought it couldn’t be any better…

The Trader’s Den

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Trader’s Den is an online forum that shares music and video torrents, recorded exclusively at live shows. Check it out.