To Those With Whats or Waffles

Can you see if an album called “Novo Tropicalism Errado” by Coconot (2005) is available? It’s Mr. Guincho (see below) and his buds’ band, I hear. And because this blog is for putting it up, I can’t leave this post without giving, I will share what the Sopranos have taught me about Pasta:

After you cook the pasta, drain the water and put the pasta back into it’s original boiling pot. Then add some butter (or a lot, like a good boy) and a spoonful of your sauce. Then stir on medium heat for about a minute. Then go ahead and mix the rest of the sauce in. Presto, your pasta’s better. Believe me.


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  1. im sorry, doesn’t register anything. they did recently booted off around 40,000 users. i’ll keep a look out.

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