Finally, Jack Johnson makes it to Coachella!

Anyone hoping for a Coachella lineup to be proud of can go home. We’ve got not only JJ headlining, but one of the guys from Pink Floyd doing Dark Side of the Moon! FREE BONG WITH VALID TICKET.

Portishead and Kraftwork make things interesting, but the last time I checked no one gave a fuck about The Verve. Damn.

Headliners disapoint, but there are other acts like Justice, Hot Chip, AC, The Breeders and a few other acts to note.
Via Stereogum

Poster after the jump.

Thanks SaturnAscends.


3 Responses to “Finally, Jack Johnson makes it to Coachella!”

  1. wtf, really. still. wtf.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    the festival should really be ashamed of its choices for headliners. but the biggest problem for the fans of new music that can actually hold its own weight – is that the festival really does offer some great acts this year; however, their scattered throughout the three days and will probably overlapped each other’s acts on the same day. bah, festivals.

    and to counteract john’s complaints, here are some consolations:

    fri: the breeders, the national, AC, mum, battles, jens lekman, dan deacon, black lips

    sat: MIA, hot chip, stephen malkmus, devotchka, st vincent, akron (for those of you who care) family, MGMT

    sun: my morning jacket, spiritualized, justice, chromeo, simian mobile disco, the field, black mountain, man man …

    —if i were to choose a day it would probably be Friday but going back to my original point, all the great acts would probably overlap. any other thoughts?

  3. I’d aim for sunday for reasons mentioned and, of course, les savy fav.

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