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Hey Sandy, WTF?

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Good and bad news.

Here’s something I think we can all enjoy. Musique has the Pete & Pete Soundtrack to download. OK!

Also the U.S. Attorney General loves torture, while backwards ass King James the First (1603–1613) thinks it’s worse than the rack or thumb-screws (and dude knew his torture).

Time May Change Me…

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incriminating photos of emett in Vegas… to follow

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thought i would make some practical and economical use of this handsome blog we’ve got going here….

rather than paying a hundred bucks a pop for textbooks, i thought i might ask if anyone here held on to their textbooks from the following classes.

History 310 (modern europe)

Food Science

ART-265-01 (05906) Exch/Evol Art of China/Japan
Spanish 201 (dos mundos, edition whatever)

and of course i’d pay for putting them to good use…

 Vegas photos soon.


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If you happen to be seeing British Sea Power on their American tour, you might happen to see Colourmusic open for them. They happen to have this mp3 which I happen to love.

Colourmusic – Yes!



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just playing aroung with the rendering pad. thought i would post some monsters. cuz monsters are your favorite. and because school starts tomorrow.

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A steady rhythmic plopping disrupts an otherwise pleasant morning

Posted in anecdotal humour, beach balls, charlamagne, sleep on January 25, 2008 by Micah Gordon

So I never know what to be mad at when something like this happens:

This morning I was awoken at 10:30 (I know that’s not late but I’ve been sleeping until noon lately) by some sort of steady click or plop or thud. Random sounds are ignorable. Rhythmic sounds are intolerable and maddening–i feel that much more insane when one thrusts itself unwelcomed into my day…or especially my morning. My first thought that it was coming from my room–maybe my speakers were doing that thing where they click before a cellphone rings. Eventually I figured out it was coming from outside. I feebly peeked out my window but found no immediate source. I tried to fall back asleep despite it, but let’s be realistic here–not happening.

Anyway so I woke up earlier than I should have, didn’t have any coffee all day….i was tired tonight.

I just got home and was sitting in my room when i heard the same noise. So I investigated–only to find that a beach ball (something that hasn’t been used in at least the last 3 months, mind you) was sitting in the exact right position to catch this one steady driplet of droplets from the roof directly onto its center to produce this loud rythmic plopping.

Obviously this particular incident caused me no real discomfort–but I just thought it was funny. The exact right beach ball in the exact right place at the exact right time. And a fucking beach ball? What?

Anyway that’s my thing for now. This is what you’ll be seeing from me. 15 page essays about French borders in the middle ages, and bullshit about my volatile sleeping habits. So fuck you.

Follow up

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Phone began to cooperate.